How do I empty classes and prepare for a new school year?

In preparation for setting up classes for a new school year, you may need to both remove all students accounts from the current year and delete or empty all of your classes.

You will need to have administrator access to make these changes. Go to Do I have administrator access for more information.

To delete student accounts:

  1. Go to the Manage classes icon from the left-hand margin.
  2. Select the Students tab on the left hand panel. 
  3. Select the student at the top of the list, hold down the shift key and select the last student to highlight all then select the Remove from school icon at the top of the right-hand panel:


To empty or delete all classes:

  1. From the same Manage classes page. Select the menu in the top right of the classes panel.
  2. Choose to empty all classes if you want to keep the same class set up for the following year. This means you won't have to create all new classes and can use the same class keys.
  3. Choose to delete all classes if you want to remove every class and create all new classes for the new school year.