How do I access the digital content with a second-hand book?

For most second-hand textbooks powered by Cambridge Edjin/HOTmaths, you will need to purchase a reactivation code to access the digital content. 

For other second-hand textbooks you may be able to access digital content by simply reactivating the code in the front of the textbook. However, this code may be activated only once in any calendar year and can only be activated a limited number of times. Cambridge University Press will not provide access to the digital content for any second-hand textbook if the code in the front of the textbook is no longer valid.  


The following series require a purchase of a second-hand reactivation code:
CambridgeMATHS NSW Years 7–10 (Second Edition)
CambridgeMATHS NSW Stage 6
Cambridge Senior Mathematics for Queensland
Cambridge Senior Mathematics: Australian Curriculum

Cambridge Senior Mathematics for VCE Second Edition
Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum (Third Editions)
Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum (Second Editions)
Essential Mathematics CORE for the Australian Curriculum
Essential Mathematics CORE for the Victorian Curriculum
Cambridge Senior Science Biology VCE 
Cambridge Senior Science Physics VCE

Cambridge Senior Science Chemistry VCE

Cambridge Senior Science Psychology VCE

If you resource is not listed here, you will not need to purchase a reactivation code.


Purchasing and activating a reactivation code:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the resource you wish to purchase - be sure to select the Reactivation code
  3. Select the Add to cart button
  4. You will be asked to enter the original access code printed in your second-hand textbook.
    You cannot activate a reactivation code without this original code.
  5. Click Check Out
  6. Fill in your billing details followed by your payment details and click Next.
    You will be redirected to the Activation page.
    The code will have populated the access code fields. If you have left the page and come back later, the activation code will need to be entered from the email will have been sent on completion of your order.
  7. Check the box to accept the terms of use and click Activate.
  8. The new digital resource will now appear in your My resources page once you are logged into your account. Please note that if you were already logged into your Cambridge GO account when you were redirected to the Activation page, your new resource will automatically appear in your My resources page.