How do I get a CSV file of all teachers using an interactive resource?

You can download a list of existing teachers and students from your Online Teaching Suite powered by Cambridge HOTmaths or Edjin. This file can then be used to upload to your Service Desk inquiry for new resources. 


Follow these steps:

1. Click on the School Classes icon from the Dashboard of your Online Teaching Suite

2. From the left-hand panel, select the Teacher or Student tab and click the Print teacher list icon (or student list icon).



3. Choose to export the file to CSV.



4. Your file will save to your downloads folder or your desktop. 

5. The file will include a column each for First name, Last name, User name and Email address. Delete the column headings row. Save.

Your file is now ready to use for upload to our Service Desk. 


Converting an Excel file to CSV

If you have an existing database of students or teachers in Excel format, follow these steps to convert it to a CSV file ready for upload to our Service Desk.

1. Open your file and make sure there are separate columns for First name, Last name and Email address. Delete any column headings. 

2. Go to File > Save As > From the File Format drop-down box select: Comma-Delimited or Comma-Separated (.CSV) > Save. 

Your file is now ready to use for upload to our Service Desk.