How to add a teacher or students to a class

Teachers with administrator access can add teachers or students to a class.

Watch this quick How To video or follow the instructions below for how to add a teacher and/or students to a class:

Most teachers will have administrator access. Go to Do I have administrator access to find out more.

  1. Select the Manage classes icon from the left-hand menu.
  2. Teachers are located in the first tab of the left-hand panel and students are in the second tab.
    Click on the student(s) or teacher you require from the accounts panel on the left-hand side. Multi-select by holding down shift.
  3. Now drag the selected names to the required class in the right-hand panel.  You can also use the add to class icon next to a class name. addremoveicon.png
  4. Students can also be removed from a class or school by selecting the student name from the classes panel and clicking the remove from class icon. removeicon.png