How to use the Templates to create a task sequence for your class

The authors of Essential Mathematics have created a series of templates that will help teachers to set task sequences that are appropriate to their individual students or classes.

These templates can be used across several sections or a whole chapter, saving teachers time in creating new tasks for each topic.


Follow these instructions to create a task for a whole chapter or multiple sections.

Note: if you haven’t used the new Task Manager before please watch this short How to video.

  1. Access the Task Manager from the icon on the dashboard. image.png

  2. Navigate to the Shared Templates tab
  3. There are six templates to choose from. They are divided into Foundation, Standard and Advanced to suit a range of abilities and have an option of less digital content or more digital content.
  4. To use one of these templates to assign a task sequence, check the box next to the required template and click the Assign button. 
  5. Select · Section, · Multiple sections or · Chapter
  6. To select Multiple sections, use the drop-down arrows to make your first selection.
  7. Click the Add Section button.
  8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 until you have all the sections you need. 
    If you select a section that does NOT contain some of the activities in your template, you will get a notice in red. Eg. There are no Scorcher activities in this Section. You can still use this section but the activities will be skipped.
  9. Add a Task name that applies to your chosen sections ie Year 7B Sections 1A – 1D.
  10. Write an optional message for your students.
  11. Select the Start date and time by clicking in this field. Click Apply.
  12. Select a class or check the multiple classes box to select more than one. To assign to individual students, select the required class then uncheck the All students box. To multi-select students, hold down control on a PC and Command on a MAC.
  13. Click Assign to finish. Your task will be sent to the selected students and will appear in the Assigned task tab for you to monitor progress.

In the More digital Standard and More digital Foundation templates there is a path divergence following students’ self-assessment of their comprehension. Using a four-point scale, students will be asked to rate their confidence level. 


Students who select from the two boxes on the right are feeling confident, so will be sent to some more challenging activities. Students who choose from the two left hand boxes will be asked to complete a walkthrough to consolidate their understanding.


Please note that while the content can be tailored to suit the needs of your students the Templates themselves cannot be edited. Click on the following links to create:

a single Directed Task 

your own Template 

Quick Task.

These Templates are accessible only through valid Teacher accounts for Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum Third Edition and Essential Mathematics for the Victorian Curriculum Second Edition.