How to create a Directed Task Template

Teachers can save time by creating a template for a directed task that can be used to draw from a range of chapters and sections and be assigned to multiple classes. The template can be accessed by all teachers in your school and used to create custom tasks. 

If you haven’t used the New Task Manager function yet – go to How to use the New Task Manager for a quick How-To video. 

Watch this video for step-by-step instructions on how to create a Directed Task Template, or choose to follow the written instructions below:

To create a Template:

  1.  Click on the Task Manager icon on the left hand margin then click Create.
  2. Select Template and give it a name. Click Next.
  3. The range of activities available for a template will be displayed as icons such as the below:

  4. Select the icon you want to set first and drag it to the line above. Click Insert.
  5. Choose your next activity and drag it up to the line.
  6. If you add a measurable activity (ie Scorcher or Quiz), you will see a set of arrows on the top of the icon. This indicates a point where you can direct students on a different path based on their results.
  7. Click on these arrows and you will see a slider that enables you to set the achievement score for the varied directions. For example, if you set 51% accuracy, a student will have to get 51% of the questions correct to follow this path and any student who achieves less than 51% will be directed on a different path. Your template may now look like this:

  8. Now you can choose tasks appropriate for each path. For example, you may wish to send the students who scored under 51% to a video or walkthrough that will help consolidate their knowledge. Stronger students may be asked to complete a Quiz or go to the Scorcher competition. Add the various tasks to the dot in between last activity or the achievement score. Add as many tasks on each path as you think are required.
  9. You may wish your students to self-assess at any point in a task. Drag the Self-assessment icon to the line and type in what you want your students to consider when they self-assess with a four-point scale. A self-assessment is also a measurable point where students can be sent in different directions.
  10. Click Back to see your Task bank – a Template will be indicated by a *.
  11. To use the template to set a task for a range of chapters and sections, check the box next to the template name and click Assign.
  12. At the top of the Assign box you can choose to set the task from a chapter, a section or multiple sections. If you choose multiple sections, use the drop-down arrows to select the first chapter and section you require and click the Add section button. Your section will appear below this button. Choose your next section with the drop-down arrows and click the Add section button. Choose as many sections as you require.

  13. Fill in the Task Name field with a name specific to this task. ie Week 3 Year 7.
  14. You can now select the class(es) you want to assign it to, hold down Control on a PC and Command on a Mac to multi-select students within a class.
  15. Your task will now appear in the Assigned Tasks tab where you can monitor the progress of students. Your Template will stay in the My Tasks tab where it can be used to create other tasks.

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