How to create a test – Wizard and Manual Selection

We've improved the functionality of the Test Generator to make it more user-friendly.

You can still create a test using the Wizard or Manual selection.

Watch the short video below (< 2 min)  for instructions on how to use the new Test Generator or follow the steps below. 


1. Select the Test icon from the left hand margin

2. Select the Create button

3. Choose Wizard - start by choosing the chapter and section to draw your questions from and number of questions per level if relevant, or Manual Selection (both options will allow you to choose questions from additional sections or levels)

4. The top section of the search page allows you to enter a name and description for your test

5. The search section provides drop down options for you to choose text, chapter, section and question level. Once you have chosen these hit the Search button. 


6. The search results will be displayed on the left-hand panel with your draft test on the right. 


7. Use the expand-all arrow at the top of the search results to display the whole question for all.

8. Click the orange plus to add a question to your draft or use the plus at the top of the search results to add all questions from this page. 

9. Hover over the icons at the top of each panel for a description of what each button does.

10. Save your test and return to the Test bank where you can click on the box next to the test and choose from the options to Print, share, edit, assign (for auto-marking), access a marking key or archive it if you no longer need it.