How to create a practice exam - Senior Science

If you are using the Online Teaching Suite for Cambridge Senior Science VCE, you can access our Exam generator. See separate instructions for the Test Generator here

Users of Cambridge Senior Mathematics please see instructions here

Watch this short video to find out how to create a practice exam for your students to take online or in printed form. 


Or you can follow these instructions:

1. Select the Assessments icon from the left hand margin.

2. Select the Create button

3. Choose to create an Exam


4. You can choose to create an online exam comprised of only multiple-choice questions which will be auto-marked by the platform. Or your exam can be comprised of both multiple-choice and written response questions and can be saved as a PDF and printed. Click Create.

5. The top two sections of the search page include a description where you can name your exam, and the search fields where you can choose: Text, Area of Study and Subtopic (if required) and also question filters including: Question style (VCAA or VCAA adapted) Question type and difficulty level.


6. Once you have set your filters, click on the Search button to display two panels - the left-hand panel shows search results and the right-hand panel displays your draft exam. 


Use the down-arrow at the top of the search results to expand the view of all questions.

7. Use the orange plus icon to add a question to your draft exam. The plus at the top of the search panel will add all questions from this page to your draft. 

8. The draft exam is divided into question type. A calculation of the marks is given at the top. You can rearrange the order, preview or delete a question with the tools next to each question. 

9. Hover over the tool icons at the top of the draft panel to see descriptions of their function. 

10. Click on the yellow save icon once you are happy with your draft.

11. Go back to the Assessment bank and check the box next to the exam you have created. 

12. If you have created an online exam, you can now choose the assign button to send it to your students. If you have chosen a PDF exam, you can print it for students to sit in exam conditions or use for revision. You can also access the Marking key or make a copy with questions in a different order. 


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