How to run an online assessment / exam report

Users of Cambridge Senior Mathematics VCE Second Edition and Cambridge Senior Science VCE are now able to report on student results by question and by topic.

Watch this How-to video for instructions on how to run the two report types.




Please note, this video demonstrates reporting using the Cambridge Senior Mathematics VCE resources but the same steps apply for Cambridge Senior Science VCE. 


1. Select the Assessments icon from the left-hand margin

2. Go to the Reports tab.


3. Choose your class from the drop down option and choose to remove students or report on all students.

4. Choose your report type -

Results by question will report student scores on each question in your assessment - note this report can be run for any auto-marked test or exam you create. 

Results by skill can only be run for online exams and will report by Unit, Area of Study and Sub-topic.

5. Both report-types can be exported as CSV or PDF files. 


To learn how to create an exam watch one of the following:

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