How to generate an online assessment / test report

Teachers can access an assessment report for any online test they set their students.

Watch the following How To video to find out how to view and download the report.


Generate an online assessment report:

  1. Select the Assessments icon from the left hand margin.
  2. Select the Reports tab. reports.png
  3. Select your class from the drop-down menu and choose to de-select individual students.
  4. Select the completed test you want results for and hit Generate.
  5. Use the Export CSV button to download the report. Correct answers will be represented as a 1 and incorrect answers a 0
  6. Individual responses can be accessed by clicking the Show student tests icon from the top axis.

You can also find the individual results for all tests and students from the Student results tab. student_results.png

  1. Use the search fields to select class or individual student and/or test name.
  2. Results are displayed with green bars for correct answers and red for incorrect. Click on a bar to view individual responses. 

You can access question results from the Assigned tab. Assigned.png

  1. Find the completed test by using the date filters.
  2. From the right hand side click the Question results link to show the percentage of correct and incorrect answers for each question and the most common incorrect question.