How to view student work and provide feedback

Watch the following How To video to find out how to view student work and provide feedback:

Please note that this video may demonstrate a different resource to the one you are using but the steps are the same.

You can view student exercise work and provide feedback in two ways.

Click here to find out how to access student work through the reports feature.

You can also view student work and provide feedback through the unit section. All student working and answers saved from the exercises or quizzes of each unit can be viewed in the History tab.

Navigate to the Exercises in the selected unit section and click on the History tab.

Use the toggles to choose to look at a student’s work or a whole class. Click Update.

All the results for that unit will be displayed by student, showing how they self-assessed their work and if they red-flagged any questions as giving them trouble.

To see the working and answers for each question for an individual student, click on the blue link displaying the date and time it was submitted.

Under each question is a Comments field. Click the + symbol to add a comment and click Save to send the student your feedback.