How to use More HOTmaths for differentiation

Teachers can use the More HOTmaths content available in Year 7–10 maths resources powered by Cambridge HOTmaths for differentiation in the classroom. 

Students and teachers can access the resources from the icon on the left hand margin.


To select a different year level, go to Course Content and use the drop-down arrow next to Texts:


To go back to your Text use the Exit More HOTmaths from the left hand margin. 


Teachers can use the New Task Manager to set activities from the More HOTmaths content supporting differentiation in the classroom. 

  1. After setting up a new Directed Task, drag a section to the activity line
  2. Use the drop down arrow to select More HOTmaths from the Text Group list
  3. Select the Year level to access from the Text list
  4. Select the chapter and section required
  5. Click Insert
  6. Now you can add Widgets, Quiz Questions, Worksheets, Videos, Scorcher or your own custom tests (note, some of the icons in the Task Manager will not apply to the More HOTmaths content)
  7. Use the benchmarks available on measurable tasks such as Quiz Questions or Scorcher to further differentiate.
  8. Assign the task to a whole class or individual students 
  9. Students will be notified they have a task to complete.

If you have not used the New Task Manager before, please watch the short  How to video here