Welcome to your Online Teaching Suite

Introducing your new teaching resources powered by 

Cambridge HOTmaths / Edjin


This page will show you what to expect from your digital resources. Get the most out of your Online Teaching Suite and powerful Learning Management System with the links to How-to videos below. More How-to resources and user tips can be found by browsing the Support pages or using the keyword search function.  

Find out if your resource includes an Online Teaching Suite here


1. Getting started:

Full instructions on how to set up your school accounts and resources can be found here. 


2. Launch your Online Teaching Suite: 

Once your school has been set up, select the Online Teaching Suite tile.



3. Set up your classes:

Video instructions for setting up your classes are available here. 


4. Switch between year levels or courses:

Teachers who have access to more than one year level can switch between them from within the Online Teaching Suite. Click on Course Content and use the drop-down arrows next to the Text list and Texts.



5. Introduction to the Dashboard:

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of the class you are teaching and provides quick links to features of the Online Teaching Suite.




Go to this support article to see the latest updates to the dashboard or select a How-to article relating to any of the functions below: 



Interactive Textbook

Navigate to any chapter or unit for your course



Send messages to all students in a class or individual students



A range of reports on whole classes or individual students to track progress.
How-to instructions available here.


Task Manager

Teachers can direct students to a range of activities based on their results.
How-to video available here.





Assessments (or Tests/exams)

Create your own customised tests or practice exams* and assign to individuals or whole classes. Auto-marked for revision or assessment, or print and share.
How-to create a test here

How to create a practice exam





Teacher Resources

Find extra resources, worksheets, curriculum grids, teaching programs, answers to activities and more here. Will vary for each resource.




Manage classes

Manage your classes with this function. Move students or teachers between classes.
How-to video available here.



My classes

View the classes you are teaching, access the class key and toggle access to worked solutions or suggested responses.
How-to video available here.



Students and teachers can create bookmark folders.
How-to video available here.


Search resources

Quickly find the location of keywords or units with the search function.




Teachers and students who have access to multiple courses can access them here.


Offline Textbook

Access the downloadable version of the the print textbook here.


* Exam Generator function only available in selected senior resources