How to create a practice exam - VCE Business Management

Teachers using the Online Teaching Suite for Cambridge VCE Business Management Third Edition can create practice exams utilising past VCAA questions and additional VCAA-style questions.

Watch this short How-to video or follow the steps below.

1. Select the Assessments icon from the left-hand margin

2. Click Create. Exam, Manual selection and, PDF will be auto-selected. 


3. Give your exam a name and select the Text, Area of Study and Subtopic using the drop-down options. 

4. A range of filters can be applied to your search criteria using the drop-downs. Select Search


5. Your search results will populate the left hand column and your draft exam will appear in the right hand column. To add a question to your draft exam, select the + next to the question. To add all questions from that page, select the + at the top of the column. 


6. You can expand the view of a question with the ^ icon, delete with the trash icon or change the order of a question by dragging with the Screen_Shot_2022-12-21_at_9.45.59_am.png. Hover your mouse over any of the icons at the top of the right hand column for a tooltip describing its function. 

7. Save your exam with this icon save_icon.png

8. Go back to your exam bank and check the box next to the exam name. You can copy, edit, share (with another teacher in your school), archive, print or access the answers