I can’t see my classes or the students in my classes


  1. Create your school classes
    Even if your school accounts have been provisioned by your bookseller or our digital support team, you may need to set up your classes to begin using the LMS functionality.

    a. Go to the My Classes icon and the All classes tab to check if your classes have been created and you are allocated as a teacher.
    b. If your classes have not been created, follow these instructions to set up your classes.

  2. Ask your students to join their class
    Provide your students with the class key to join a class. Follow these instructions to join a class.

  3. Some students can't join a class
    You can check if your students have activated a digital resource by going to the My Classes icon and clicking on a class. The resource your student has activated will appear in blue underneath the student’s name. If they don’t have the correct resource, you will need to ask them to purchase or activate the digital resource. Learn more here.

Still need help? 

Contact our digital support team here.