My product is not appearing in my Resources area

  1. Activate your resource using an activation code.

    Your activation code will appear in the front of the printed textbook you purchased, or it will have been provided by email when you purchased the digital-only product.

    If you do not have an activation code and you haven’t been set up by your bookseller (check with your school) you will need to purchase a code before you can access your digital resources. You can purchase an activation code through an Educational bookseller or through our website

    To activate your code, go to:

    If you are activating a code from a second-hand book, learn more here. 

  2. If you still cannot see your resource in the Resources page, try these steps.

    a. Log out and log back in
    b. Clear your browsing data or history through your browser’s menu.  
    c. Click on the arrow next to the resource name in the side menu to expand the list of all available year levels for a series. Click on the year level you require to launch the resource.


Still need help? 

Contact our digital support team here.