My school is staggering implementation of the AC v9.0 or the new NSW maths syllabus. How do I move between editions?

If your school is implementing the new Australian Curriculum v9.0 or the NSW 7-10 maths syllabus in stages, you may need to move between editions of your digital resources. 

Previous editions are fully supported for the following resources:

Essential Mathematics for the Australian Curriculum 3rd and 4th Editions

Cambridge Science for Queensland 1st and 2nd Editions

CambridgeMATHS NSW 7-10 2ed and 3rd Editions

To move between resources access the Course Content button in the top left of you Online Teaching Suite. 

Choose the Edition you require from the Text list drop-down.

Choose the Year level (or Stage) from Text drop-down.


If you are missing a resource that you think you should have access to, please visit our Service Desk to lodge a ticket.