DiagnosticTool - How students access tests and follow-up work

The following video shows how students can access a diagnostic test and follow-up work assigned by their teacher. Step by step instructions are available below.



Sitting a Diagnostic Assessment test

1. Students can access a diagnostic assessment test from the dashboard of their Interactive Textbook. Select the Assessment button in My to do list and click start to be taken to the assessments page. 


2. Click the start button to begin your assessment - note that your teacher may have required the test to be completed in one sitting.

3. Select or enter your answer to each question and click the next button. 

4. When you have answered all of the questions, click Submit.
(note, you will not be able to view your diagnostic test results)


Viewing Follow-up work

1. Access follow-up work set by your teacher from the dashboard. Select the Follow-up work button in My to do list and click View Feedback.


2. Your progress on the skills tested are shown and a set of follow-up work can be accessed with the Start Follow-up work button. 

start follow up.png

3. A widget will be pinned to the left navigation bar with each of the follow-up work activities your teacher has set. Click through each one to view and complete the work.

followup widget.png