Using the Cambridge Reader

Titles with an Interactive Textbook component, may now also have the option to view the textbook offline in the Cambridge Reader app. 


Follow these steps to start viewing your digital resource in the Cambridge Reader:

1. Activate the 16-character access code you have purchased in your Cambridge GO account.

2. Click on the Apps icon on the left-hand navigation bar of Cambridge GO and follow the instructions to download the Cambridge Reader app.


3. Open the Cambridge Reader app.

4. Log in to the Cambridge Reader using your school email address and your Cambridge GO password

5. You can then download your offline book with the Download button.


6. Once it has downloaded, access the offline textbook with the Read button. 


You can now add bookmarks, view video or audio content, take assessments and jump to the required content using the tools in the left-hand navigation bar. To exit a textbook and return to your bookshelf use the Home button.


Only selected Interactive Textbooks will be accessible in the Cambridge Reader. If you see this message in your Resources page, the title can be viewed in the Reader.