End User Licence Agreement

Licence period and termination 

Access codes give access to the product for the time specified in the product's title or description. If no duration is specified, access will continue to be provided until such a time that Cambridge is no longer able to host the service or provide access to the Resource.

Your remaining licence length is displayed in the Resources area.

Downloadable materials

Downloaded materials (excluding offline/PDF student textbooks) may be placed on your school network for use by other teachers at your school. 

Print, copy and download permissions may vary depending on the sensitivity and rights available for the content. 

Online content

Some digital online resources are only available as online content. There are features to bookmark, make notes, and email and or print single pages. 

Front of class (Digital Classroom) content

Schools are entitled to project this content onto classroom whiteboards or share through screen-sharing platforms only if the interactive textbook or online resource has been purchased for the number of students using it in the classroom. It is expressly not available for use in this way if it has been purchased as a reference copy rather than a class set or booklisted item. 


See our Terms of use document for further detail.