How to use the Task Manager

This video will introduce you to the Task Manager feature which enables teachers to create Directed Tasks for whole classes or groups of individuals that can direct students on a path appropriate to the results they achieve in an activity. 


You may also be interested in our instructions for How to create a Directed Task Template, How to create a Quick Task and How to check the progress of a task.

Watch the How To Video above or follow these steps to use the New Task Manager:

  1. Select the Task Manager icon from the left hand margin. Task_manager_icon.png
  2. Click Create.
  3. Give your task a name, select Directed task type and click Next.
  4. The range of activities available for your resource will be displayed as icons. Select the first activity you want to set by dragging an icon up to the line. 
  5. For some activities you will have to select the text, chapter, section and level to draw the content from. Use the drop down arrows and check boxes to make your selection and click Insert.
  6. If you set a measurable task such as a quiz, Scorcher or test, a set of arrows will appear next to the activity icon.
  7. Click on these arrows to bring up a slider that can be used to set a benchmark for results in an activity. For example, if you want all students who achieve over 60% to be sent on one activity path and students who score below this to be sent on a different path, set the slider at 60 and click Update.
  8. You can now add activities for the different paths based on the needs of the students. Your directed task will look something like this:
  9. To preview an activity before adding it to your task, drag the icon to the line and if there are blue links within the name of the activity, you can click to preview. 
  10. Your task will sit in the Task bank until you are ready to assign it. Click Assign and choose multiple classes, or select a class using the drop down arrow and uncheck the All students box to assign to a selection of students within a class. Multi-select by holding down control (PC) or command (Mac) as you click the student name. 
  11. Progress can be checked by going to the Assigned Task tab from the Task Manager.