Introduction to the Diagnostic Assessment tool


You can access these support articles from within the platform via the Help Widget icon in the bottom left of the screen: Help widget.png

Start with these short How-to videos or find the support article you need below:

How to create a Test-Family and add a Pre- or Mid-test


How to view results and assign Follow-up work


How to generate a post-test


How to run a diagnostic assessment report

Test creation – creating a Test family and adding your pre- or mid-test. 

Assigning a pre- or mid-test or post-test to your students. 

Print | access answers | copy | share | archive a test.


View progress and results of a test.

View results and assign follow-up work. 

View or archive test after follow-up work is assigned. 


How to edit a test.

How to search for questions.

How to check the skills coverage of your test.


How students access a diagnostic assessment or follow-up work.


How to generate a Results by question or by Skill report. 

How to generate a Test comparison and Performance by student report

How to generate a Score vs time taken and Growth vs attainment report