Diagnostic tool - Test Creation

This short video will walk you through Test Creation.

Step-by-step instructions are available below.


Your first step is to Create a Test family

What is a Test family? Teachers can choose the parameters of the unit of work in their family of tests. Cover a whole term, a textbook chapter or a selection of skills. Set as many pre- or mid-tests as you require in this unit of work before generating a post-test based on the skills covered.

How to create a Test Family:

1. Access the Diagnostic icon in the left-hand navigation bar   diagnosticicon.png

2. Select the + Test Family button and give it a name (and optional description)


Now you can add your pre- or mid-tests

You can add as many pre- or mid-tests to your Test Family as required.

1. Select the + Test button from the Test Families tab.


2. Give your test a name (and optional description) 

3. You can add your test questions now or later, using the Wizard or Manual selection.


Using the Wizard to select your questions:

1. After selecting the Wizard, click Create.

2. Select the question difficulty ratio you require

3. Choose the number of questions in your test

4. Toggle the arrows next to the chapter names (in the Textbook view) or the Topics (in the Curriculum view), to select the Mathematical skills to cover in your test. 

5. Click the Generate button. 

6. Your test questions will populate the right-hand panel of the Test generator. If you are happy with the selection, click the save icon.

Using Manual selection for your questions:

1. Select Manual and Create

2. Search for questions from a Textbook or Curriculum view 

3. In the Test edit area, use the + next to a question to add it to your draft test and once you have as many questions as you need, click on the save icon. saveicon.png

4. Check your skills coverage by using the Skills summary icon. skillssummaryicon.png
Choose to add more questions to cover more skills if required. 


Generating a Post-test

Once you have completed as many pre- and mid-test as you require in your Test Family, you can generate a post-test. The post-test will cover all the Mathematical Skills you have covered in the pre- and mid-tests of your Test Family.

1. Click the + Post-test icon in the required Test Family row.

The Post-test will appear at the bottom of the Test Family.

2. You can view and edit the post-test by clicking the name. Search and add more questions if required and select the save icon.

What next?

Assigning a pre- or mid- and post-test to your class